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Make Your Own Bouquet
Wood rose bouquets- designed by you!

 Have a certain color theme that you are looking for? A room decor that you are trying to match? This is the place to let your creativity run wild!

Pick up to 3 colors to make your boquet- available in dozens only but can be used for the 3 dozen discount pricing. All bouquets come packaged in a floral sleeve with a stem of onion grass included!



With dozens of colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Stems are flexible and the roses never wilt. Match colors to any room decor. Makes a long lasting keepsake for a varitey of occasions. Suggestions include-

Graduating Class Colors - Favorite Team Colors - Birthstone Colors - Bridal Bouquets -  Bridal Shower Centerpieces - Baby Shower Arrangements - Housewarming Gift - Hostess Gift - Floral Arrangements - Gift Package Add-on - Napkin Ring